About Catherine Thiry_ENG

Catherine Thiry ° Belgium 1962

Strong sentiments with no ambiguity.  Sensitivity and intelligence, vibrant and without reserve. Beautiful and expressive, Catherine Thiry’s horses show without pretension that which traditions restrict in mankind.  They are not reluctant to show their emotions which are all the more true.

Art fuels the imagination of those exposed to it.

A piece of sculpture occupies space and presumes on the tangible sensibility of those who approach and who move away infused, if only for a moment, with the closeness of the connection.  An encounter which like all encounters that mean something, leaves a mark.

Catherine Thiry’s aim is to create space, life, vibration.

You could say that she implodes.  In the middle, or in any case from somewhere within this phenomenon, a horse joyfully emerges.  We imagine this horse has wings.  And even if she herself does not see that she has no wings, just like a horse, she continues to push the boundaries, the earth beneath her feet, to make it turn. L.B.