About Gerda De Jonghe_ENG

Gerda’s thorough training in academies has been upgraded by attending national and international seminars of professional ceramists, sculptors and painters.

The proof of her artistic ability must be found in her perseverance and hard work.

Instantaneous emotions and observations may both fascinate and move her.

The freedom to express these emotions in her sculptures and paintings are the essential part of her artistic life.

She organised her first exhibition at the age of 17.

Gerda likes prospecting and experimenting, but as soon as she has discovered something new she already leaves it at that and starts digging for new sources. This explains a large variety in styling and techniques. Her themes are not always fully reflected on. “ The images impose themselves when one is open to them”, she claims.

Though her subjects spontaneously bob up, Gerda keeps moulding and enforcing them.

Several creations are based on nature, even though they not always show an evident resemblance.

Others find their origin in stress and tension, sometimes moulded in high-spirited raw structures, sometimes in a more refined texture.

She continuously asks herself: “What is good, what is bad?”

She unveils the last tree by constructing a sheltering house around it and she considers this as a symbol of our uprooted world.

Her creations are pure and universal. Gerda is willing to listen and she creates her world as it is being presented, sometimes geometrically and flat, but the other day as playful as nature’s whims.

Do not stick a label on her, do not pigeon-hole her; she wants to be as creative as possible, to experiment and to be challenged.

Meanwhile her creations have been spread all over the world: Hong Kong, America, Dubai, Switzerland, Paris, Guadeloupe, Amsterdam …