About Christine Ostyn_ENG

Christine Ostyn – °1962 Belgium

Christine Ostyn started her creative path at the artistic high school Sint-Lucas institute, Ghent. After which she continued her education at Sint-Lucas in architecture. She worked as an architect and a teacher in construction for a couple of years. She then gained more in-depth knowledge of the beauty and endless possibilities of various crafts and followed trainings in furniture making, restoration and painting techniques, after which she settled as a painter/decorator. This is how she met Jean-Pierre De Saedeleer, who encouraged her to design jewelry. Once she fell under the spell of this mission, she became unstoppable. In 2004, she finished her first design. She has been delivering endlessly surprising jewelry designs in silver or gold, each with their own story, ever since. Some of the jewelery resemble little paintings, others are an portrayal of a fable, where a game between different structures and formations are searching for a new equilibrium.
Christine established herself as a goldsmith and jewelry designer, and started her own workshop. She finds her muse in the inspiration that comes about from every thought, every act and as she explains it herself: ‘the primal power which originates from a person and makes him capable of both creating and experiencing passion and beauty.’ Erik Lauwers